Placement Cell

The Placement Cell acts as a platform for the industry-academia interface. The Cell organises campus recruitment drives across various sectors. It liaisons with the corporate organisations for internship opportunities for the students. The Placement Cell also organizes career counselling, leadership and training programmes, which help in sharpening the skills apropos to recent demands of the industry.

The constitution of the Placement Cell is as follows

Dr. Subhabrata Ganguly
Teacher in Charge
Prof. Minakshi Chaturvedi
Email: minakshi.chaturvedi@thebges.edu.in
Mob: 9674255566
Placement Officer
Prof. Dilip Shah
Email: prof.disha@gmail.com
Mob: 9831003202
Chief Adviser
Dr Sampa Sinha Basu
Email: sampa.sinhabasu@thebges.edu.in
Mob: 9830890319
Divya P. Udeshi
Email: divya.pudeshi@thebges.edu.in
Mob: 9748844460
Mr. Sarvesh Agarwal
Email: sarveshagarwal2013@gmail.com
Mob: 9830737989
Industry Expert
Mr. Vaibhav Soni
Email: vaibhavsoni1@gmail.com
Mob: 8697063505
Industry Expert
Hardik Mishra
Email: 0101210643@thebges.edu.in
Mob: 8582892128
Student Representative
Tushitaa K. Chhughani
Email: 0101210182@thebges.edu.in
Mob: 8617259717
Student Representative
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